by Ευγενία Ευθυμιάδου

While I was travelling abroad I realized how hard it is for travellers, that love gastronomy to explore during the 3 or 4 days that a trip lasts, the tradiotional cuisine of a country or just the representative gastronomical scencery of the city they explore.

So, here I am to to help you figure out what is happening on the food tables of Thessaloniki!
Let’s organize our food ideas for Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch and Dinner!
Let’s start!


The Garden Bar
Colourful and vibrant, cozy and hospitable, offers you breakfast and brunch options that include omeletes, pancakes, fresh juices, smoothies and ofcourse a variety of coffees. If the weather is warm enough we can enjoy your breakfast sitting at the tables that are at the pedestry.
Agiou Mina 16

Ergon Agora
Pavlou Mela 42

With a scenery that resembles of a traditional market Ergon Agora serves breakfast and brunches that combine traditional products such as Koulouri with eggs benedict or avocado!

You can’t leave Thessaloniki if you haven’t tried bougatsa. Bougatsa is a pastry that is filled with custard cream if you are fond of sweets or with cheese or minced meat if you like the salty options.
There are a lot of shops that serve Bougatsa.


“Diagonios”: This  restaurant  opened in  1977 and its kind and eager waiters are ready to serve you the best gyros and soutsoukakia you have ever eaten!. It is the perfect place to eat quality food after
shopping or during your lunch break. Here, a lot of well-known and famous people are hanging out, it is not strange if the Mayor of Thessaloniki or a famous actor is having lunch at the table next to yours. Famous dishes are the handmade juicy “soutzoukakia” meat balls, maybe the best of the town and the crispy “giros” donner that you should definitely order. Other specialties are: the grilled liver, the lamb ribs, paprika sauce, tzatziki and of course the "Russian" salad which is a sauce with vegetables and potatoes.
Stratigou Kalari 13

The absolute tavern for fish, meze and ouzo. There, you can have half portion of almost all the dishes and taste a lot of authentic greek delicacies
Agapinou 10

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